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How Candlewood Trails Association Operates

The Candlewood Trails Association is a Connecticut non-stock corporation. All property titles reference the Candlewood Trails Association Deed of Restrictions and Bylaws. In addition, there are Rules and Regulations, Beach Rules and Dock Rules.

News & Updates

December 2017 Water Test Results

Our water is tested quarterly for bacteria at fixed locations - usually the same 3 or 4 houses and the clubhouse. Any indication of bacteria automatically requires a re-test. In December, two homes tested positive for coliform, a harmless bacteria that occurs naturally but may indicate a more serious condition. As a result, Tom Tomascak, our water system operator, placed into service a temporary chlorinator at the pump house. The amount of chlorine is minimal and will not be noticed by most of our residents. Here is the information from the State of CT:
"This is not an emergency. If it had been, you would have been notified immediately. Total coliform bacteria are generally considered harmless but indicate the potential for contamination. Although total coliform bacteria are present there is no immediate health risk to those ingesting the water. However, if you have specific health concerns, consult your doctor."

2017 Annual Meeting - August 26th, 9am

The annual meeting of the Candlewood Trails Association, Inc., will be held on August 26, 2017 at 9am in the Clubhouse. All members in good standing are encouraged to attend for the important business of electing Board and committee members for 2018 and approving the 2018 budget.
If you are unable to attend please make every effort to vote by proxy, using the form provided in the meeting notice. Proxies may be assigned to another member or to the Board. It is critical that enough voting members or proxies be available so that a valid meeting can be held.

Water System Info

July 2017: The water mains on Cedar Drive, Club Drive and Sunset Lane will be replaced during July and August and the roads will be re-paved in September. If you have any questions, please contact Henry Beary at 860 350-6123.

Social Committee

It was reported at the 2017 Regular Meeting (June 24, 2017) that the newly formed CTA Social Committee has a variety of events planned for the coming summer months. More details here.

2017 CTA Regular Meeting

The 2017 Regular Meeting of the Candlewood Trails Association was held at 9:00am on June 24, 2017 at the Clubhouse. The Minutes have been mailed to all members.

Consumer Confidence Report for Water Quality
As a public water sytem, CTA is required to provide its members with the annual Consumer Confidence Report by July 1st. The 2016 Report will be available at the Regular Meeting on June 24, 2017. Copies will also be distributed in the Meeting Minutes. Please note that the Report covers the previous year. Contact Henry Beary, Chairman, Water Committee, with any questions. A copy is available here: 2016 Consumer Confidence Report for Candlewood Trails

Candlewood Trails Association, Inc.

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